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Massage thai
Stéphane Deligny: Massage thai
rue de la visitation
H2L 3C1

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    English, Franšais

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       Description of Massage Therapist's Therapeutic Approach:

I am dancer and professional choreographer for more than then years. I studied different body technics (Alexander, Feldenkrais and Pilates) allowing the body to develop his suppleness, his endurance and to free itself from useless tensions. First initiated to altenative medicine, I practice Reiki and i am a Reflexology therapist. I am also a massage therapist specialised in Thai massage and Swedish. My therapeutic approach considers that the person is a unit all (physical, psychological, emotional and energetic) aspects of which are intimately linked up and work in harmony. Sensitive to your needs, i offer you a individual treatment centered on listening your feelings of faintness and accompaniment towards understanding and healing.

Member of the R.M.Q and A.N.Q, i provide you massage therapy receipts as well as naturotherapist receipts


Cancellation Policy

English: please cancel 24 hours in advance

French: sv annuler 24 à l'avance

Cost for treatments

Therapeutic Services

Minimum cost for a session : $65 (CDN)

Pricing variations: 65 $/h et 85 $/1h30

Payment options available:
 Cash |  Massage, Massotherapy Directory Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Montreal  Massage Thai-montréal-centre Ville-village  Stéphane Deligny: Massage thai Massage therapy directory, therapist, montreal, Quebec Montreal  Massage Thai-montréal-centre Ville-village  Stéphane Deligny: Massage thai

     Swedish Massage Therapy
     Deep Tissue Massage
     Reflexology (Details in descriptions)

Other services for our clients

    Holistic or Chinese Medicine
    Energetic Perception

Massage Therapist, Montreal, Massage Thai-montréal-centre Ville-village : Massage thai
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