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About the Canadian Massage Therapist Directory

iMassageTherapist is an online directory designed exclusively for non-erotic massage therapists and RMTs. The users and public are called on and invited to report any listings that do not conform so that they may be deleted.

Membership is completely free, although certain pages have Google ads.

Our goal is grow the user base from 250 to 1,000 members, and facilitate the searching process for people who want a non-erotic massage.

Users: In unregulated provinces, anyone can legally claim to be a massotherapist and practice as such. In these provinces you should consider the association as noted in the therapist's profile.

Massage Therapists, especially in densely populated urban areas (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) have expressed difficulty in finding places to advertise their services. Most free and local newspaper advertisings are not appropriate for them, while online directories are often worse. There are some good paid directories, but their online reach is often limited.

We do not offer liability insurance, training, event planning, receipts or any other service other than online listings. We are only accessible by email.

Why register? You instantly increase your visiblity, including photos, a map, descriptions, and direct links to your personal website or websites of interest. You are invited to register today.

Thank you,
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